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Day Care Centers - top

Monica Rogier, director, Jolly Rogers Preschool, Dover, NH

As always great! We were really impressed that he arrived so early and played "dinner music" for some of our children.

Entertaining for children and enchanting for parents. We have really enjoyed the creativity and flexibility of the stories, It really drew in some children and that was the greatest part!

We really feel this went so well. Parents enjoyed it and it was one of the biggest events with parents that we’ve ever had! Thank you so much

Debbie Patenaude, director Green Pages Childcare Center Kittery, ME

Papa Joe was a very friendly man. All of the children were excited about him coming. It was a joy to have such a wonderful storyteller come in. He got down to all of the children’s levels. We have children from 12 weeks to 2 ½ years old. He touched [the hearts of] each and every one of them. The stories were extraordinary. Parents, teachers, and children all got involved and had a wonderful time. The stories were perfect. I loved seeing the looks on all of the children’s faces. I will have teachers use some of his stories in the classroom as well!! We will definitely like to have Papa Joe come back to our center at a later date. Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!!

 3rd grade teacher anonymous school

Papa Joe brought in a very pleasant and calming atmosphere with his recorder. He had an interesting outward appearance almost mystical/ magical impression to keep you interested. Excellent on time service. Great with all of the children. Storytelling isn’t always easy to kids that fidget move and talk. Papa Joe does an excellent job with patience and kindness along with creativity and story movement to keep them interested. Wonderful, wonderful feeling he brought to everyone the children’s smiles and laughter especially.

Robyn Morin, Director Creation Station Beverly MA

Papa Joe is always dressed for the occasion. He is very nice and great with children. Wonderful programs, very age appropriate, very creative. Always tells different stories. Everyone should have Papa Joe come to their school.

Georgie Mitchell, Director Out Country Preschool North Andover, MA

Papa Joe captivated our roomful of threes and fours. They participated with laughter, glee and enthusiasm. Every child was involved and each child said good-bye either with a handshake, slap five, or wave. He loves children and it showed.

Alison Bourdelais, co-owner and teacher Merrimack Valley Montessori Pelham, NH

It was far more than we had hoped for. We were very impressed that you could entertain the children and still maintain control. The children were captivated and talked about Papa Joe for days. Without costumes, props or puppets he managed to hold the children mesmerized! His expressions and voice changes as well as his ability to get the children to interact with him were incredible. His performances lasted 45 minutes and even the youngest of our children were held spellbound by him. For days after his visit you could hear the children singing his songs and reciting bits and pieces of the stories he told.

Deborah Chevalier, director/teacher Play and Learn Plaistow, NH

I can understand why traveling shows were so popular in the past. Even with all the technology we have to entertain us today, there is nothing so special as live performance, and Papa Joe combines this "magic" with audience participation fun to leave us all with a happy heart and a smile on our faces.

Quotes from Libraries - top

Anne Mundy Bangor Public Library Bangor, ME

I’m sitting here remembering how it feels to be in your audience

Letting those words and images flow over and around and through to the rhythm of your refrain with the green grass all around

Pretty special every time we are blessed with a visit from you. You are wonderful fun and I so do appreciate your stories shared this time and all the times before.

Jean Young, Children’s Librarian, Rockland, ME

Well researched, great communication with the audience, memorable. He is valuable in imparting happiness and the traditional tales to the next generation. Whole families enjoy him equally.

Meredith Bird Miller, children’s librarian Meredith Public Library Meredith, NH

Setting the mood so well by playing soothing music as children settle and depart. Very spontaneous sharing stories appropriate to the two different age groups. Great responding to our questions. Saw children the afternoon of the performance, They were telling the stories Papa Joe told them that morning. They found listening to and sharing stories enjoyable.

Rogette Goodhue Ellsworth Public Library Ellsworth, ME

Our patrons here at the library had a great time. I know because they’re telling me even at the supermarket

Denise Brennie, Director Highland Park Nursery School Highland Park, NY

The children loved Papa Joe. The children were in hysterics pretty much the whole time. A big hit. He is good at keeping the attention of young children. His enthusiasm is a definite plus with kids of all ages

Andrea Libby Memorial Library Old Orchard Beach, ME

I enjoyed tremendously your performance at the Performer’s Showcase in Brunswick, ME quite some time ago (September?). I wanted to first thank you for making us laugh and smile—that program was a little intense and I was so happy to get on my feet for a while! I wanted also to thank you for fixing the story of "The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything" so well in my head that I was able to tell it to six first grade classes that visited my library in October. We had an absolute BLAST!  Thanks for being such a great performer.

Absolutely wonderful. Had the kids laughing and giggling – started interacting with them right away. Terrific! Overcame last minute glitch smoothly and provided wonderful communication. I have been enthralled both times I have been around Papa Joe. Can he come back next year? "Excellent"

Quotes from schools - top

Christina Dean, 4th grade teacher, Milan, NH

Great stories, entertaining, funny, awesome, Papa Joe was very kind, we liked the way he involved us in his stories Best story teller in the world, he makes me want to be a storyteller.

Jane Demers, Assistant Director,

My first impression was that I thought the younger children weren’t going to sit long for the show, but they sat nicely during the whole period and they seemed to enjoy Papa Joe’s show.

Corinee Cascadden, Principal, Berlin, NH

Anyone who can keep 225 students focused for the last hour before Christmas Break has to be excellent. Papa Joe’s performance kept the students enthralled and enthusiastic.

Sister Jackie, Principal, Derry, NH

Papa Joe knows how to reach young people by his caring and calmness. He touched the life of our young with his story and person. My older students asked to have him back.

Carol A Callahan, Director, Ayer Community School - Ayer, MA

I understand that those families who did have the privilege of meeting you thoroughly enjoyed their evening!! One of my staff, brought her children-she knows how interesting and entertaining you are from meeting you during our school performances! I understand from little Lindsay that she really loved doing Mr. Wiggles and Mr. Waggles! Great Fun! I would love for all of our families to have the opportunity to share your expertise and fun! Many, Many thanks.

Karen T Grindle, Program Coordinator, Hilltop School, Bangor, ME

Papa Joe is very approachable. Creative, Funny, children are at ease and eager to see and hear what he does next! Wonderful! Appropriate for all ages! Interactive! Fun! The school is already looking forward to the next visit! Attentive audience! Smiling faces!

Quotes from workshops - top

Papa Joe was able to relate typical child development and behavior in a unique way that made it real to students. The workshop was very participatory, requiring all students to get involved regardless of how self-conscious they might be. He was infectious, both in his enthusiasm and personality. Several students took the stories and attempted them with young children. Second year students were able to see how facial expressions, tone of voice and volume were used to heighten interest.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the wonderful workshop you provided for us last night. The teachers (and myself) really seemed to enjoy them selves. I was even told it was the "Best staff meeting ever"! As I walked through the building this morning I heard several of them still discussing the stories you told and others just simply laughing while saying "up the hill and down the hill". Thank you again for making the workshop so enjoyable. You are a wonderful presenter and I hope you made many new STORYTELLERS last night.

Susan Amedio, Director Mulberry Childcare Lexington, MA

MaryLaury from the Schoodic Arts Festival for Workshops and festivals

I am so glad to see that you became a part of the whole festival. Your presence at the Art show was lovely to see! We'll be in touch.

Quotes on audio tape - top

Trudy Terry Storyteller

I have laughed all afternoon at Papa Joe’s: For a Wish" tape. I have never had such a good lesson on participation tales before. His audience participation was wonderful. That was one happy bunch of kids. I’m an old hand at participation tales knowing if you don’t give them something constructive to do children will find something to do by themselves. After listening to Papa Joe incorporate kids answers into his stories I know I’m still a beginner. What a fun tape. I think though he’s going to have to change his warning label "May cause excitability especially in children" to " especially in children and storytellers". I can’t wait till I get to watch as well as hear him in the flesh.

Patricia Beckwith, House Manager/Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House, "The House that Love Built"

Thank you for making sure the Fifth Annual Extensions Retreat for the Ronald McDonald House was a huge success. You had the attention of our children from the moment you arrived.

These families of children with cancer or serious blood disorders have to deal with stress on a daily basis. Our goal is to offer them a weekend of rest and relaxation and help ease the burden of dealing with a life threatening illness. You have helped us achieve our goal.

We appreciate your traveling all the way to Bar Harbor to entertain us. The families are still talking about your great gift of storytelling.

Deanna Dawson of the Seacoast Newspaper 










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