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Papa Joe  ~  Travel Notes

PJ's Travel Notes

From: Papa Joe

To: Storytell

Subject: Tour Notes #17

Date: Friday, August 15, 1997 12:13 PM

August 3rd, Blairstown, NJ

Wayfarer Tomm is getting well. His mind is there. A little weary from his long journey from bedridden to wheelchair bound, but still as sharp as ever. On the other hand, his wind is weak. He's to be working on his breathing for the next month. I'll be back to check on him then. Seems he cooked up a plan to get me a week's worth of shows in his county. Good trick! Knows I'll stay at his place, helping him get back to storytelling.

I would have been glad to come anyway. Tomm has some great labels for ideas I've been trying to synthesize. He also has saved me from reinventing a few wheels. lol More on those subjects in September. Or October! Time is flying by.

August 4th - 5th Fremont, NH

<<SMILE>> Home with Sues <<SMILE>>

August 6th - 9th, Under the weather and out again.

Ill. Very ill. Must have over-done something. lol Not all of the notes get to be fun and laughter. Thank goodness I had Sues to make me teas and broth. Three days of forced rest. I missed a couple of my regular work sessions at the local preschools. I'll have to reschedule them for after Maine's shows. However, I couldn't reschedule Saturday night's show. Had to get better for that one. The program went excellently, even though I was being very cautious. Of course, it could have been the audience. ;)

Here's a story I got in return for my tales:

A man was praying, "God!?"

God said, "Yes?"

The man was quite surprised that God had answered, but he wasn't going to miss his chance. "Can I ask a question?"

God said, "Go right ahead."

"God, what is a million years to you?"

God said, "A million years to me is but a second."

"Wow God, that's what I heard. So is it all like that? I mean, what is a million dollars to you?"

God said, "A million dollars to me is as a penny."

The man got really excited. He was sure this was his moment. "God -- can I have one of your pennies?"

God said, "Sure... Just a second and I'll get it."

August 10th To Mount Desert Island, Maine

I'm finished with being sick, but now I'm looking at all the work around the house I had planned to do - before I left for Maine tonight. I'm looking at all the work on my desk which was suppose to be finished this week. I'd better not look at it too hard or it might make me sick again. Slow and steady and work through priorities. I'm only leaving for a week and I can take some of the office work with me.

My youngest son, Josh is coming with me to Maine. I think Sues thinks I need a baby sitter. <snort> Actually, I'm glad to have him along. Our first show is Northeast Harbor on Mount Desert Isle. So it's off to Jackson Gillman's place for the first night at least.

What luck!!! Jackson's here. And he'll be around for the first half of the week at least. We'll camp here until Thursday morning.

Pax & Amicitia,

Papa Joe

On the Road, Mt Desert Island, Maine, USA

Papa Joe  ~  Travel Notes

PJ's Travel Notes

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