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PJ's Travel Notes

From: Papa Joe

To: Storytell

Subject: Tour Notes #14

Date: Thursday 24, July , 1997 7:20 PM

Week of July 13, 1997 Southeastern Michigan

The festivals are over and my real work begins. Judy Schmidt <FransDotir@aol.com> of Storytell has invited me to set up my base at her cottage on Pleasant Lake in West Bloomfield, Michigan. It really is pleasant and reminds me much of home. There's a nice place for Tasha and I to go swimming which is really appreciated considering how muggy it has become. Judy's husband, Manfred is a landscaper and his gardens are beautiful. Sues would really love to be here.

Monday evening I got to share a show with Judy at Ann Arbor Public Library. It's a gorgeous library. If it wasn't for the books I might have thought it was an Art Museum. Judy is a lovely teller. Her style is quiet and moving. She's rather like a gem, showing a different facet with each turn. She only did one story though. I'll have to twist her arm and get her to tell another before I head South. I'd really like to hear her tell, "The Teacher's Underwear". <Hint Hint> As it had been so hot, I offered a cold story. lol Jack Frost! After the show some of the children came out to the parking lot and met Tasha Tripod. She plays a big role in the story and is just as endearing in real life.

Tuesday was an office day. I spent most of the day on the phone and doing scheduling. I don't get way from that even on tour. Using Judy's cottage to work in was a big help. Many times I work out of a phone booth.

I did nine daycare shows between Wednesday and Friday in five of Detroit's Northern Suburbs. Thursday night, I also did a workshop for the daycare teachers. LoiS and an Ann Arbor storyteller, Marjorie Shaefer attended. I really enjoy having other tellers at my workshops. It's so hard to explain style differences. Sometimes folks think that what they see is what they should do. With other tellers, folks can see there are as many styles as there are people. I hope they walk away understanding that they need to develop their own. There is never enough time to do justice to storytelling in a workshop setting.

The director of the daycare center asked how to inspire more of her teachers to put they hearts into the reading and telling of stories. We discussed Role Modeling and the positive use of peer pressure. I'll have to remember that and her comments after the workshop was over. She said, "I think I learned that I can't be the only role model. From now on I'll try to bring a storyteller to the center every month." YES! One more community leader converted to the power of storytelling. She knew it was important for the children, but she learned it was just as important for the teachers.

A big THANKS to Lois for coming. See you next week at Mount Clemens Public Library. Now you will be speaking for the library that day, won't you? ;)

Saturday, back at Pleasant Lake, I spent the morning cleaning and doing repairs on the Vardo. I even got to sit and enjoy Storytell with my morning coffee. Yes I still read every post, but I need to limit my on-line time as it cost me cents a minute out here. I do a quick down load and get off. Helps me understand how you folks might feel, who always pay by the minute for your connection. It is so nice to see what you folks are up to even if I don't have much time to join in the threads.

Things need more time when I'm on the road. Everything does. So I try to remember to dole out the minutes as carefully as possible. Much of my free time goes to face to face chats with the folk from the area. The rest into absorbing the fauna and flora. There are beautiful things everywhere.

It's time for bed. So marvelous to fall asleep listening in the breeze blowing through the leaves of the trees planted by Judy's Grandparents. Well Wishes to you all.

Pax & Amicitia,

Papa Joe

In the Vardo, Pleasant Lake, Bloomfield, MI, USA

Papa Joe  ~  Travel Notes

PJ's Travel Notes

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