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Papa Joe  ~  Travel Notes

PJ's Travel Notes

From: Papa Joe

To: Storytell

Subject: Sharing the Fire '97

Date: Monday, March 10, 1997 10:49 AM


Wonderful weekend. While we miss Marni & Doug (please change the NSA Board Meeting date), we are having a great time with Jackie Torrence, Elizabeth Ellis, Jackson Gilman, Brian Ellis (Flying Fox), ... (too many folks here to list) Lots of Storytell folks also.

I'm a angel for Jackie. What an honor! She is a beautiful and caring person. One who's mission is completely aligned with what I think professional tellers should have. She gives all she has to give, without worrying about what tomorrow will bring. Her faith in Story and our community is inspirational.

I want to mention another person who gives their all to Story. A lesser known man who's contributions to our art are invaluable. His name is Robert Smyth and he runs Yellow Moon Press. L.A.N.E.S. would never have managed to provide one of the most loving and sharing events in the world (no fooling STF is a very nurturing and energizing event) without the donations and support of Robert. If you need help with the production of tapes or literature (be it a business card or a book), this man will ensure your project will be a success or let you know it won't work. You can trust him and his experience to guide you through the all the ins and outs of producing high quality products. This is not an ad :), but if you want to contact him:


e-mail: Robert_B._Smyth@bmugbos.org

tel: 617-776-2230

snail mail: PO Box, Cambridge, MA 02238

Aside from Yellow Moon titles of Books & Tapes (now CD's also) he carries many had to find Storytelling titles. Call or write if you have trouble finding something. He's hoping to get a Website up soon and I'll make sure it's posted here and on my site as soon as it is up.

Seeing Flying Fox (Brian Ellis to some of you) again was a real joy. I almost didn't recognize him with short hair. lol He sat next to me for about0 minutes before I did. Laugh! He though it was a big joke. Is it my fault we haven't seen each other in nearly six years? He's also working on getting a website up.

The only drawback to being Jackie's angel was that I had no time to spend with Elizabeth Ellis. Texas be proud of her. While I didn't hear her keynote, the feedback I got was tremendous. Maybe Theresa, Donna, Tracy, or one of the others will be so kind as to fill us in on there experiences with her. (Hey you lurkers! Here's a chance to post.)

I didn't attend any of the workshops, but what I'm hearing from the others (especially the first timers) everything is going well. I did go to the Internet forum run by our own Donna Wetmore. I think we'll be seeing a few more folk here at Storytell. At least the attendees will have a good idea of what they are getting into.0 minutes is not enough time to discuss all the ins and outs of the internet, but Donna covered most everything and her handouts gave plenty of places to learn more.

I'm a bit weary and need to get to the closing ceremony. So until next time.

Pax & Amicitia,

Papa Joe

Vardo, currently in Boston, MA

Papa Joe  ~  Travel Notes

PJ's Travel Notes

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