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PJ Tour Notes #8

November 16 - 17, 1996 Middletown, KY

Sues and I were welcomed into the home of Joy and Lee Pennington and time stood still. Their home is a museum, full of wonderment and stories. The two of them are wells of stories, feed by springs whose roots reach deep into ancient history.

The E.A.R.S. Storytelling Resource Center is a bit of a Storytelling Museum also. There are photos of all the featured tellers of past Corn Island Festivals hanging on the walls. Nice shot of Chuck and another of Faye. ;) Lots of story collections available for members. I couldn't find any Joseph Jacobs though. Maybe I could find a copy to send as a Winter Holiday gift.

There were many things discuss during our two day stay, but one of the most important might have been about festivals and the renaissance.

Lee, like many on this list, is concerned about the future of the storytelling festivals. He has noticed, as have I, that storytelling, by itself, is not an effective draw for an event. The appeal can be enhanced by the setting. His best example was ghost tales in a graveyard, E.A.R.S. best attend annual event. While they no longer hold the event in a graveyard (Complaints led to the passage of a law banning the use of the graveyards for anything but funerals), Lee claims the people still think of the event as being held there.

Can we break up the events at a festival? Send the audiences off to other places? Revolutionary Tales at North Church. Freedom tales under the Statue of Liberty. Prison stories at Alcatraz.

Lee and I share a fondness for history and culture. We spent many hours discussing various cultures. He has produced a video on Wales. And it is incredible. Anyone interested in Welsh history should get a copy of Lee and Joy's "Wales: History in Bondage" available for $35.00 plus $4 S&H.

JOLE Productions, 1905 Lilac Way, Middletown, KY 40203.

It is an on the sites interview with Alan Wilson, a Welsh Historian, at the real Camelot, Arthur's grave, ...

But the most interesting part to me was that the Welsh History claims000 years of a literate people. It ties together a lot of questions, which I have never seemed to be able to understand. Now I have to get Lee to tell me how to get the books written by Wilson and his partner Baram Blackett. It is a4 minute video and I have a lifetime appetite.

November 18 - New Jersey and home

We dropped in at the Hospital to visit Wayfarer Tomm. The good news was that he was well enough to be sent to another hospital closer to home. The bad news was that they didn't know which one. The worst news was that I had left all the information that would have led me to him in New Hampshire. I didn't get to visit him this trip. But his son tells me he's doing well and even getting his voice back. Many thanks to those of you who have been sending cards and tapes.

The last few hours of the trip I think of all the new friends we've made, and even more about all of the friends we did not meet this trip out. It has been a great year for traveling. About0,000 miles on the Vardo. I think that's about a story for every ten miles. Hope to see you during next year's tours.

Pax & Amicitia,

Papa Joe

Papa Joe  ~  Travel Notes

PJ's Travel Notes

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