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Date: Wednesday, April 24, 1996 12:50 PM


I try to provide the story more fitted to the audience at hand. One of my most requested stories started as an improv.

The story behind: The Ghost and the Apple Sauce

One day, I think it was early October in988, I was sharing stories with a group of & year olds, in the town of Lee, NH. I suppose Halloween was already on their minds although children seem to like to think of themselves as brave. Anyway, One of them, asked for a ghost story.

"Well," said I. "I do know a few ghost stories, but I'm afraid I couldn't tell them to you now. I'd never get invited back here if one of you had a nightmare after a really scary story."

"Well," said they. "Then tell us a funny ghost story."

"I don't know any."

"Then make one up," said they.

"But what's gonna be in it."

They looked around the room and spotted the remains of their recent snack.

"Apple Sauce" shouted they. They had been on a field trip to the apple orchards (As have most of the children in apple picking New Hampshire.) and had turned their harvest into that sweet sauce they loved so much.

So with a lot of help from the children I told the first telling of what has become my most told tale. It was also my first improv story to be polished into a regular tale.

Kinda funny, I told it this morning at Barnes & Noble in Salem, NH. Seems the kids just don't change.


Papa Joe

Papa Joe  ~  Telling Tales

Papa  Joe  ~  Telling  Tales

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