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Idle Madness

Once upon a time, a woman, a man, made their lives, lived in a croft.

They lived alone, out deep in the woods, deep in the woods for so long,

Old limbs growing weary, no longer climb up the ladder to their loft.

So the loft was left forgotten and older and older, the couple lived on.

Now in the shadows of the lonely loft dwells an imp: Idle Madness.

In the darkness of the lonely loft; Idle Madness, his painting is born.

Idle Madness, draws all his colors from memories of the couple.

With each brush stroke, memories fade and his painting glows.

Idle Madness, dancing, painting, dancing and painting above the couple.

Down below, old couple, day after day, forgetting more and more.

Still Idle Madness, dipping deeper and deeper into their memories,

Coloring his canvas, brighter, brighter, seems to shine through the floor.

Then Idle Madness, paint pots empty, up the ladder, invites his hosts.

They find the climb easy, as easy as youth, never again to descend.

For in Idle's painting, they find all their memories, blended in wonderment, give up their ghosts.


Papa Joe  ~  Stuff & Things

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