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Telling Tales: some of my favorite stories.


#1 Johnny, I'm On the First Step ~ A jump story I learned from my mother.

#2 Jack Frost ~ Adapted from a Russian Folktale

#3 The Bigga da Redda da Rosa ~ the saddest tale my mother told

#4 Poccamandas ~ Adapted through American Folk Process

#5 Story-Games Thread & The Giant Vegetable ~ A formula Story/game

#6 Jump off the bridge! ~ A formula Story/game

#7 Chris Mouse and Other Tales ~ in the style of the French Canadian Irritating Tales. Includes: Chris Mouse Tree, Dark & Stormy, A Long Long Story, I Don't Know, The Shortest Story

#8 Master of Masters ~ With notes for tellers.

#8a Four Silly Tales ~ adapted from English Folktales. Includes: The Old Woman and the Pig, Teeny Tiny, Master of Masters, Me

#9 The Ghost and the Apple Sauce ~ About The Ghost and the Applesauce

#10 Three Hairs ~ adapted from a Haitian Folktale

#11 Aqua, My Friend ~ An original cautionary tale

#12 The Magical Blue Feather ~ the saddest tale told by Papa Joe

#13 New Pots from Old ~ a recycling tale

#14 Keen Witted Orphan ~ adapted from an Estonian Folktale

#15 Robin Hood in Gotham ~ adapted from an English Folktale

#16 Brave Little Samantha ~ An interactive journey via story, + lots of notes on the telling and history

#17 Ashiesputtle and the Prince Who Wouldn't Shut Up ~ adapted from an Scandinavian Folktale

#18 Saint Patrick and the Leprechauns ~ a riddle story

#19 Unanana and the Elephant ~ adapted from an African Folktale

#20 For A Wish ~ adapted from a Swedish folktale.

#21 Too Much Christmas Pudding ~ a folk style story

#22 The Ant and the Grasshopper ~ adapted from the fable, with special thanks to Tom McCabe.

#23 Hide and Go Seek ~ adapted from a Congo folktale

#24 The Chocolate Man , dedicated to Hope

#25 Wiggle & Waggle : An workshop activity

Biographical Stories: My autobiography, Story by Story. It is a work in process as I hope to continue to enjoy many more years of traveling and telling. I hope you enjoy it. :)

#1 The Value of Story

#2 A Name

#3 A Name, Part 2

#4 Turtle Story

#5 When You Think Your Number Is Up

#6 That Skeleton Was Scary

#7 A Storyteller's Wedding

Travel Notes : My 'on the road journal' with Idle Madness (my old laptop) and Vardo (micro mini RV) during 1996 through 1998: includes some of the stories I found, descriptions of places I visited, notes on things I did, and thoughts on people I met.


#1  Introducing the tour and 'You'd Better Write It Down'.

#2  From Nebraska into Idaho.

#3  From Washington State into Standing Rock Reservation, South Dakota.

#4  Minnesota, Illinois and to the East.

#5  July 30 - August 9, 1996 The Forests of Maine.

#6  November 1-3, 1996 Fremont, NH to Nashville, TN.

#7  Amarillo, TX to Albuquerque, NM and back and to Panhandle Libraries to Oklahoma.

#8  Middletown, KY to New Jersey and HOME.

#9  Sharing the Fire '97 currently in Boston, MA.

#10  Travelling in Maine.

#11  Hans Christian Anderson Statue, Central Park, New York, NY to East of Hartford, Conn. and Forty heavy tigers!

#12  The Road to Indy and the NSA Conference.

#13  July 10th - 12th, 1997 Michigan Storyteller's Festival, Flint, MI.

#14  Pleasant Lake in West Bloomfield, Michigan with Judy Schmidt.

#15  Still at Pleasant Lake, Vardo repair with Judy's husband Manfred and his friend Fred, dinner with Marjorie Shaefer, and show with LoiS's group.

#16  Judy Schmidt Hangin' out with Papa Joe.

#17  Good-bye Pleasant Lake, Good-bye Michigan to Gibsonburg, Ohio to The Hills of West Virginia

#18  Email from Judy Dishong: Subject: Papa Joe's Ohio visit.

#19  Email from Susanna Holstein: Subject: Re: Papa Joe and good weather.

#20  From Blairstown, NJ to HOME!!! to Mount Desert Island, Maine.

#21  Mount Desert Island and adventures in Maine.

#22  On the road from home to Virginia, to Jonesborough, Tennessee to West Memphis, Arkansas to Oklahoma towards Idaho...

#23  Driving to Moscow Mountain, Idaho, meeting a storyteller that didn't know he was one, and wonderful experiences on Moscow Mountain!

#24  Southern Idaho, quieting Vardo, and Riverfest with benefits!

#25  First Night and FREEZING!!!

Articles & Miscellaneous: the occasional inspirations that manage to find their way into print. <<smiles>>


#1 A Working Storyteller

#2 Preparing a Story

#3 How to tell a story at a Birthday Party

#4 What Storytelling Means to Me

#5 Idle Madness - A poem inspired by my aging family.

#6 A Shaman Questionnaire

#7 In The Walnut Forest - This is not a folktale. It is a folkstyle fairytale written for a specific purpose. See Notes on WF


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